Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Finds: Coffee, Tea or Me?

I'm ridiculously proud of today's Etsy mini. The important topic this time around is coffee and tea. Check out the awesomely caffeinated things I found:

So now I have an important question for everyone: which is your poison? Are you a caffeine-instead-of-blood type or more of a chamomile sipper?

I have tea every morning at work. Lately, it's been either decaf green tea with mint or chocolate caramel enchantment chai, both of which are from Celestial Seasonings. I only reach for coffee when the need is dire or I'm in a boring meeting. I'd love to hear about your hot-beverage habits!


  1. Oh goodness, do I ever love me some coffee. I went off caffeine during college after giving it up for Lent one year. (I realized that anything that could give me headaches so bad I couldn't see straight when removed from my system probably shouldn't be in there in the first place.)

    But I love all manner of decaf coffees, lattes, and my favorite, the breve (steamed half and half instead of milk). I've given up straight decaf coffee during my pregnancy, so I very much look forward to my first cup after Lucy is born.

    In the meanwhile, I've found that Celestial Seasonings' Chocolate Raspberry Bliss herbal tea is a decent substitute.

  2. I've been on an Irish Breakfast Tea (Twinings brand) with milk and sugar kick lately. Earl Grey in the evening for a pick me up :)

    I use to be a coffee with Vanilla Caramel creamer kinda girl, just needed a change I suppose!

  3. Coffee every morning for me. When I go to bed I look forward to my coffee the next morning, Starbucks Satsuma with French vanilla creamer. Mmmmmmm. I love, love Chai Lattes as well, but do not indulge very often, OH and Mocha Latte. AND those frozen java mocha chillers from Sonic, just don't ever order one, its like meth....

    Great group of stuff!!!!

  4. Well, I am a diet coke kind of girl, and I mean the real stuff not caffeine free! I am addicted, but I guess there are worse things I could do...

  5. Know what I love? hot chocolate. at the moment I am addicted to the ghirardelli hot chocolate mix, and am pleasantly surprised to find that its ingredients are pretty few and not a bunch of chemicals (yay chocolate!) I just bought some tea though....pear tea is good! I also love the vanilla chai you can buy in big cans as Sams Club. Really, I like anything that tastes like chocolate. I'm an addict.

  6. I'll take a Grande Skinny Caramel Latte with an extra shot of Caramel, please!