Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Falling in love with Tulsa

I'll admit it- Tulsa hasn't always been my favorite place to live. I grew up in the Northeast and loved almost everything about it- the cities, the history, the cultures, the mountains, the ocean, the trees in the fall. Tulsa is hot in the summer and freezing in the winter. The wind blows right through you, and yet snow is almost unheard of here (well, except for Snowpocolyse 2011). And let's not get started on Tulsa's traffic!

But over the summer, I have started to see Tulsa in a different light. It all started when I moved from the suburbs to Riverside. Suddenly, instead of just driving past everything, I could walk to different destinations and really take in the sights. Brookside was no longer filled with traffic and crazy drivers, but I began to notice the incredible character and atmosphere. 

The more I explore Tulsa from my new perspective, the more I fall in love with it. There is some great architecture throughout the city, and some buildings have been restored beautifully. Locally owned shops and restaurants are everywhere. Running and bike trails add a great touch to the city. Just the other day, my husband found a bike trail that offers a great view of downtown Tulsa. I had trouble continuing to pedal as I took it all in. I found myself incredibly thankful that I am able to live in this great city.

What is one of your favorite places in Tulsa?

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