Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Welcome to Etsy

Dara's note: We often have newbies post in our forums with general questions of how to help their shops succeed. Because this has been a reoccurring theme, I decided that we would start a weekly post to help answer some general questions. Please know that I certainly am not an expert and that I am learning right alongside of you. 

Lesson 1: Don't Get Discouraged

We all know how it is. You finally get the courage to set up a shop and list your babies, your creations, for the world to see. You dream of being an overnight success, and yet at the same time you are afraid of being an overnight failure. You check your email constantly for any sales. One day passes, then another, then another. Still no sales. Maybe a week passes, or two or three. Perhaps a month or more. Doubt starts to set in and you begin to wonder if you ever should have done this. You start to doubt your abilities and talent. 

The good news is you are not alone! Most of us are not overnight successes on Etsy. Most of us do not bring in enough sales in our first few months (or years) to quit our days jobs or take lavish vacations. It takes time, lots of time, and effort to succeed on Etsy. Often times newbies will post in forums their discouragement and wonder what they are doing wrong. While we all have things that we can improve on (are we ever really satisfied with our photos?), not being an overnight success does not necessarily mean that you are doing everything wrong. Take time to learn what to do right by reading articles and blogs, but mostly give yourself time to learn and succeed. Don't let a lack of sales drive you away from Etsy. Make a decision that you are not going to quit or give in, and come learn with the rest of us! We are so glad that you are here :-)

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