Monday, February 13, 2012

Day 4 & 5

This weekend was a work weekend. I finished what items I wanted to make in preparation for my complete shop makeover. Sometimes it all about the preparing and making and stuffing and stitching and when you think you have done enough you probably need to do a little more :D.

I can say I'm happy to have 20 new items to have for my shops relaunch. This is a great start to getting my Etsy shop in the position I want it to be in. I say 20 items is good for me because I make one of a kind plush animals that take time to make each one unique. I only draw up 5 patterns at a time to ensure the quality of my product and to make sure I don't try to rush through 15 individual critters. 

Week two is now well underway. This will cover branding, photographing, pricing, cohesiveness,  tagging, social networking, and finally seeing all my hard work pay off.

Please stay tuned.

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