Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Day 7.

Photography, probably one of the most important elements of selling online. The only visuals potential customers get of your products are what you provide. It can make or break a sale. It can be what gets you on the front page, featured in treasuries and individual views online.

Your photos and style of photos can be a big help in getting you recognized. Use your photos as part of your brand and style.

Below are some tips on great photos. Keep in mind certain things apply to your style and what you sell.

  • Keep it simple. Take your photographs against a clean simple background. Now this does not mean it has to be white. Oh no, explore with different backgrounds, different textures, wood grain etc. De clutter your space. Don't have a bunch of irrelevant junk in the photo. Try not to use frames and borders and if you must put a watermark keep it small and simple.
  • Natural Lighting. Open up the shades and set up your photography station. Try to avoid using flash.
  • Macro. Most if not all cameras have a macro setting. Its the little flower/tulip. This is extremely important if you photograph small detailed items like jewelry.
  • Tripod. Get one. It doesn't even have to be a tripod. A stack of books, a chair, your desk. Just keep it steady champ. No body likes a blurry photo.
  • Manual. Take a risk. Learn your camera, it can be your money maker. Learn about white balance and aperture.  You don't have to have a fancy camera to have great photographs just learn to get the most out of what you got.
proof you don't need a professional camera.

All though my Canon looks better my lil oh point and shoot looks pretty good.

As you can see I am going with a different approach than a plain background. I know its not typical and it may cost me some slots in treasuries but I am wanting to stick out. I want noticeable photos  and when I search through the plush section I want my product photos to stand out.

 What do you guys think of this?

I hope these tips are helpfull.

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