Monday, November 14, 2011

Managing Facebook Posts

Like Framed Cross Stitch by bombastitch on Etsy

Like every part of your business, your social media efforts should have a plan.

If you want to gain the most out of your Facebook fan page, take it seriously. This is free advertising for your brand, supported on thelargest social media network used daily. It's been reported that American Internet users spend more time on Facebook than any other website. 

Start off by writing some goals. What are you hoping to gain from your presence? What kind of results are you looking for? What do you want your page to say about your brand? Keep these goals somewhere you can see them when you are planning your Facebook posts. Stay true to what you are hoping to convey and consistently work towards achieving those goals. 

A fan page for your business is the place to talk about your shop, show off new items you are working on, get advice from your fans, promote craft shows you will be part of, and give fans a sneak peek at your life.

Post when you update your shop. Don't post a link to every single new listing, but if you add several new items, let your fans know! 

Post about sales you are currently running, when the sale ends, and any stipulations or rules.

Ask your followers for their opinion if you are looking to create new items. What colors do they like best for clothing or jewelry, do they prefer a certain type of shirt or chain, what size prints do they buy the most? 

Remind fans where you will be vending at and give them information about the shows. Link to the show's Facebook page or website so potential customers can get directions, show times, etc. Have a show that you aren't vending at, but will be shopping at? Advertise it and support your fellow crafters!

Give your fans a peek at your life. Show them where you create, post a recent photo from your world that means something to you, or share an exciting piece of news. When buying from a handmade business, fans want to know that you're a real person, too. 

A fan page for your business is not the place to rejoice about the latest football win, post an album of your latest vacation photos, complain, or give a play by play of your day's plans. This is a little too personal for a business page and you don't want to start too much controversy with opposing views. Keep things light and entertaining.

Like I said in my previous Facebook post, don't over do it in one setting. This just clogs up everyone's news feed and can look bad on your business. If you have a lot of things you want to say, space them out. Keep a word document going of posts you'd like to make, and post them in a timely fashion. 1-2 posts a day is great, 3-5 can be pushing it, and anything over 5 posts in a day is just overshare.

Social networking is what you make of it. Do a little or do a lot, it's up to you. Feel free to make your own rules, and change things to fit your business. The resources are there for you! Until next time, keep connected! If you have any specific social media questions, feel free to post in the comments and check back for my answers.

Casey Maute is a contributor to the OkEtsy blog and lives in Stillwater, Oklahoma. She has worked under the name Lollywood from 2008-2010 and recently opened a new Etsy shop called OSO handmade. She loves craft shows, eating from food trucks, finding cool local shops, and working with PR and social media.

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