Thursday, February 23, 2012

2 Week Challenge Wrap Up.

I know I haven't posted the last few days of the 2 week wrap up. I have been traveling a lot and haven't had much internet access. I have my Etsy shop live now and I am getting a lot of hearts :).

Here is a wrap up of the last 2 weeks

  1. Day One - Setting Goals.
  2. Day Two - Time Managment.
  3. Day Three - Taking Care of Business.
  4. Day Four - Building Inventory.
  5. Day Five - Building Inventory.
  6. Day Six - Branding.
  7. Day Seven - Photography.
  8. Day Eight - Pricing
  9. Day Nine - Titles & Tags
  10. Day Ten - Titles & Tags
  11. Day Eleven - Updating Profile
  12. Day Twelve- Updating Shop Policies.
  13. Day Thirteen - Item Descritptions.
  14. Day Fourteen - It all comes together.
Head over to my shop and tell me what you think.

I encourage everyone to give your shop a little tune up. Here are some tips if  you decide to update your shop:
  • put your shop on vacation
  • build hype on your shops social networking sites
  • add in new products
  • update old products photos
I have made myself a great foundation for my shop to build off of in the future. I have my prices and photo style figured out. It makes me want to fill it up and keep creating. If you guys decide to do the 2 week shop tune up please let me know, I would love to follow your journey.



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  1. you did it! I love the new photos.. all the plushies really pop! I admire you for sticking to it.. I am terrible at keeping deadlines for my handmade business because I'm too busy stressing over my 8-5 job deadlines!