Thursday, February 9, 2012

Day Two.

Hey folks! Day two of the 2 week challenge. Today I will be talking about time management. To get the most out of my day I try to make a schedule to follow by. For my challenge I am  scheduling everything including house chores and errands. This way I know what I can accomplish and I can meet deadlines.

I am looking at these next couple of weeks like I am scheduled at a job. I will be in my  office by 10:00. Take an hour lunch. Then work until 5:00.

This Saturday I am going to make a trip to pick up supplies, but to make up for that I will do some over time on Sunday ;).

I know most folks don't have the time like I do. With day jobs and kids its hard to find time to do it all,  but I promise if you sit down and make even one hour everyday you will see an improvement.

Recap from yesterday's post I can already cross one thing of my list. I finished all my nerdy bears today :).


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  1. I love how you actually marked down the hours. I always write up a weekly schedule, but it's just an outline and I just mark things off the list as I do them. I bet I could get so much more done if I actually set a time limit for myself. Thanks for your awesome work!