Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Day One.

Setting Goals.

I am a list person. I make list for everything. List are a major component when it comes to my productivity level. I love the satisfaction of crossing off item by item, finalizing the completion of my tasks.

Day One of the 2 week challenge will be making a goal.
Make your goals realistic.

My goal list:

  • Make 5 Nerdy Bears.
  • Finish Unicorn Pillows (2).
  • Finish Beard Pillows (2).
  • Make at least 5 new Owls.
  • Photograph all above.
  • Photograph foxes.
I am giving myself until February 15th to finish these task. I want to have at least 30 items in my shop by the end of my 2 week challenge.

So folks get to it, start making goals and crossing them off the list.


  1. I'm a list person, too :) Good luck with the first week of your challenge!

  2. good luck! you can do it! i love lists :)